The new Teleco Internet Magic Sat offers you the chance to use all of the broadband two-way connection services offered by ASTRA2Connect on your motorhome.

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Magic Sat Internet 85
Magic Sat Internet 85 Twin

Magic Sat Internet

Now you can surf the Net via satellite!

The new Teleco Magic Sat Internet offers you the possibility to use all of broadband, two-way satellite connection offered by ASTRA2Connect on the ASTRA Satellite at 235°East on your motorhome, too.This means that as well as surfing the Net and sending and receiving emails, you can also request the use of a phone line with cordless phone.

To subscribe to the Internet and telephone service, all you need do is fit a Magic Sat Internet system on your camper or caravan. This system is comprised of:

  • 85 cm dish aerial with 2 LNB
  • iLNB (specifically for Internet and telephone lines)
  • LNB (specifically for TV)
  • IP modem

The interactive LNB (iLNB) is used to receive and transmit telephone and Internet signals, while the second LNB (which is not interactive) serves to receive the TV programmes transmitted from one of the following satellite positions:Hot Bird, Astra 19.2° East, Astra 28.2° East, Hispasat, Atlantic Bird 3, Sirius.The IP modem serves to connect your PC to the Magic Sat.

One of the main advantages of Magic Sat Internet, with its 2 LNBs, is that you can surf the Net and at the same time, you can watch the programmes transmitted from the Astra 19.2° East or Astra 28.2° satellites (these two only).If you should wish to watch TV programmes transmitted from other satellites (e.g., Hot Bird), then just push a button on the control panel and Magic Sat will automatically move the aerial.

DIGITARIA supplies satellite Internet access using the technological infrastructures of ASTRA, a satellite company that supplies services through its ASTRA2Connect platform. The ASTRA2Connect control centre connects the end user to the Internet using satellite transmission and reception channels, without the need for any telephone connection or any other type of connection by cable.

DigitariaWeb Volume

Surf the Net with a volume rate package.

  • Monthly data traffic: max 2 GB
  • Download(1): 6 Mbps - Upload: 256 Kbps
  • Euro 24,90 / month (VAT not included)

(1) Downloading rates depend on network traffic, the optimisation of the server and also on the characteristics of the network concerned.

DigitariaWeb NoLimits

Surf the Net with a Flat Rate Package..

  • Monthly data traffic: no limits
  • Download(1): 1 Mbps - Upload: 128 Kbps
  • Euro 22,90 / month (VAT not included)

(1) Downloading rates depend on network traffic, the optimisation of the server and also on the characteristics of the network concerned.

To subscribe to our satellite Internet service, complete the activation form

Activation form needs to be PRINTED in block capitals (legible) and sent,by fax to the following number: +39 049 89 85 800

Completed form need to be posted, in a sealed envelope, to the address given here below, no more than 30 days from the date of their completion:


Via Prima Strada 35, 35129 Padova - Italia